Consultancy and Design

Isoft provides consultancy in the design of automation, content management and workflow solutions by its team of experienced system engineer. Studying the actual need of the clients Isoft helps to define their requirements and propose a tailor made solution to increase the efficiency of the daily workflow by using its standart software applications or custom developed software.

The consultancy service starts with "needs assessment" sessions to deeply analyse the required workflow. Designing the building blocks to provide the required workflow is the next step in the process. As a result of this step a "scope of work" document is prepared. Based on this scope of work a "bill of materal" is delivered to the client. Bill of material consists of the products and services needed to achive the desired workflow.

Telephone Support
Isoft provide 7x24 on-line phone support to qualified customers

On-site Support
Isoft provide on-site support as needed either during a project launch phase or in the case of the problem cannot be solved over the phone. Depending on the level of support aggreement on-site support can be free of charge.

Remote Acccess
Isoft provide romote support over VPN (Virtual Private Network) for its customers. New version uploads, system configuration, log management can be handled via VPN.