SmartMirror is a facility based server application and can be used in many different configurations and modes.

SmartMirror is a basic asset management engine that moves, copies, and re-wraps clips. Media management rules are defined to copy, move, encode clips automatically. Each storage node in a system can be given attributes such as: Low-res storage, high-res storage, source only, target only. It can also support encoding to low-res for browsing.

One simple configuration is when SmartMirror is configured as a low resolution browse mirror of a Grass Valley media server. In this mode, the Smart Mirror server will have low resolution copies of the clips on the assigned media server.

Another mode of Smart Mirror is "High-Res" mode. In this mode SmartMirror will have both high and low-resolution copies of clips in its local storage, giving additional security for the clips on the local server disks.

"Twin" mode is a mode designed for mirroring of two Grass Valley media servers to each other while giving access to the low-resolution copies for browsing over the network. "Archive" mode extends the storage of the media servers beyond the internal storage. Once the media is ingested, the Smart Mirror server automatically transfers the ingested clips to a central RAID-protected file server; during this transfer a low-resolution Windows Media 9 copy is also generated for access over network from clients on the network. The Smart Mirror server also synchronizes a backup video server if additional security is needed.


Smart Mirror can also work with more than two Grass Valley servers and across server types. For example, a turbo can be used as a backup to a K2.
The clips on the Smart Mirror server can also be integrated with different NLE systems on the network so that editors can use this material for creating and transferring new content. NLE systems support includes Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Liquid, Express, Adrenaline QT, Adobe Premiere, and EDIUS Incite.

SmartMirror packages are for:
• 2 Server Storage Pools
• 4 Server Storage Pools
SmartMirror Options include:
• Browse with Trimming and Editing
SmartMirror is an efficient asset management tool between servers and/or production and play-out. Non-linear editing stations can be linked for media transfer to and from servers via SmartMirror.

Sales Opportunity
There is a constant stream of requests from Sales, Systems, Resellers, and Customers for reliable, low-cost ingest and playout solutions for small channel count K2 systems.

Even for larger customers there are requests for solutions in areas such as disaster recovery sites or production environments to integrate editing systems.

SmartSuite products are reliable, proven solutions that have been in some installations for over 2 years. They are fully integrated with the AMP protocol and can offer some interesting capabilities such as synchronizing a Turbo to K2 for a low cost back up solution.
Performance of these products is superior to the optional applications offered by Leitch, and Omneon does not offer a comparable solution.

Sales Process
SmartSuite Products are available for sale world wide.
Parties interested in purchasing SmartSuite products should contact Matt Allard initially to coordinate inquiries.
A configuration form is available that will be submitted with all eventual purchase orders. The purpose of this form is to ensure that the customer’s requirements are fully understood and to allow correct system pre-configuration ahead of shipment to site where it will be supported remotely.