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Smart application suite provides a full workflow for production and play-out of digital content utilizing GV video servers.
Smart Play controls ingest of media servers. Smart Play controls ingest of media to the GV servers with support of crash record, scheduled ingest and time-code controlled ingest from VTRs with RS-422 control.
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Once the Media is ingested "Smart Mirror" automatically transfers the ingested clips to a central RAID protected "File Servers" during this transfer a low resolution copy is also generated for acces over network from clients on the network. Smart mirror also synchronizes a back-up video server if additional security is needed. The clips on the "Smart Mirror" server are accessible to different NLEs on the network so that the editors can use this material for creating new content. Using export plug-ins editors can transfer finished edits to GV video servers or to the "Smart Mirror" server. The clips are ready to play-back as soon as the GXF transfer over network starts. Other workstations that have "Smart Move" installed can also transfer standard DV AVI files directly to GV video servers with a very intuitive drag and drop interface. Finally "Smart Play" play-out module is used to control the play-out module is used to control the play-out of the clips, allowing generation of play-lists and utilizing a standard VTR control panel.